Meet the Gang

The Steal Gang – a Family Affair


Neil: The Burglar-in-Chief. Neil has wrangled the team to create the perfect heist. Managing design, production and web-site formulation, he is an architect by profession, a background (coincidentally?) shared by the inventor of Scrabble. Neil naturally continues to sit on top of the leader-board for most valuable burglaries.

Iain: The Smash and Grab Specialist. Iain is always the noisiest stealer, but his lack of stealth is tolerated for its surprising effectiveness. Managing social media and photography, Iain was an anthropologically-grounded primary school teacher in his day job, before he saw the light and moved on to a more slippery role as snow-board instructor. Currently residing in Manchester UK. 

Liz: The Pickpocket. Liz quietly gets on with the job of stealing, and is surprisingly successful despite the apparent lack of any real will to win. Whilst possibly lacking that killer punch, Liz does not hold back from refusing to accept suspect words and, as the grammar pedant…loves editing all the Steal material. Who would guess that she used to be a primary school teacher?

Anna: The Bandit. When the kids are asleep, the caring young mother is transformed into a highly effective burglar. Turning a word into a sword in an instant, she is sharp as a pin (and often a pain, sometimes inapt, rarely pliant, able to perform an implant with ease, to create a valuable hoard of platinum. A medical doctor by profession, Anna battles with Iain in their quest to overhaul the Don’s supremacy!

Holly: The Safe-Cracker. Holly’s sole focus is on quality. Whilst ignoring the quantity of three-letter spoils, she can quietly unlock the hardest anagrams to create rare and immeasurably valuable plunderage. Holly is a primary school teacher (is there a theme here?) who used to share her nights with Iain, poor thing.

Jono: The Mugger. Jono leaves everyone senseless with his hypnotic erudition. It is perhaps not surprising to learn that he is also a doctor, specialising in anaesthesia. He might have given you his dope, and roped you in for a period, to provide relief. Overpaid, some might say but such thoughts will have vaporised when you hear about the training required. A gas (& plenty of it is his motto), Jono is married to Anna and father of our next generation of champion burglars.


Footnote: The words in italics give you some examples of sequential steals!!