International Freight and Taxes

Freight within New Zealand is simple as pie. Not quite a steal, but affordable. GST is included in the sale price.

Freight to overseas markets is however daylight robbery!! (Australia aside)

We can only apologise for the exorbitant costs which we are obliged to pass on (indeed we do not pass all of these costs).

We are looking at alternative supply chain options, and believe we may need to use third party fulfilment services - such as Amazon - if overseas demand ramps we hope it will.

So if you are dissuaded to proceed with your purchase due to international freight costs, please do let us know and the volume of such advice will help steer our future direction. 

On the matter of overseas taxation, this has recently become hugely complicated  for small on-line operations (in the UK and EU in particular). Suffice it to say that we do not yet collect or include ANY local taxes (outside NZ), so if your government requires VAT/TVA/Sales tax to be applied on imported goods, you will need to be prepared to account for that yourself when the product arrives. As with freight, when demand requires us to provide a local fulfilment option (hopefully in 2024), this will change.